Two packages to help you get that unique look:

Package #1 Transmission Theme

  • Access to a private gem via gemfury
  • Get all different color permutations shown on the home page
  • Use it on multiple projects
  • Build on top of existing customizations to the light theme

Available very soon. Pre-order now at a discount.

Pre-order $450 USD $350*

*Use coupon code TT100PRESALE at checkout.
Yearly renewal pricing of $450 for continuing updates, cancellable if you first eject the theme.

Package #2 Transmission Theme + Customization Services

For a two-week block of part-time availability, you get:

  • Further customizations to Transmission or to your own Bullet Train theme
  • A copy of an early version of the Transmission theme on day 1 of the engagement + a private gem when the theme is released
  • One year’s worth of updates to the Transmission gem, renewable separately

*Plus applicable taxes if you’re in Canada

PLUGIN Extra: Style Permutations Screenshot Kit for Rails Apps

Purchase the kit of files I used to prepare all the style permutations from this theme, but use it to 📸snap📸 screenshots of your own theme permutations for quick inspection. Made for a Bullet Train app, but extract the parts you need for use in any Rails project.

Make 2023 the year you add dark mode and theme choices to your Rails app.

USD $79 on Gumroad…

Questions and Answers

Who is selling this theme? Is it associated with Bullet Train and Andrew Culver?

My name is Pascal Laliberté. I’ve been contracting on Bullet Train but otherwise the Transmission theme is a third-party plug-in and is not affiliated with Bullet Train and Andrew Culver.

How is the theme made available to my app?

You’ll receive instructions to install a private gem and a private npm package, both served via You’ll also receive instructions on changing Bullet Train to use your theme.

Do I need to pay a recurring fee to use the theme?

To continue getting updates to the theme alongside updates to Bullet Train, which is in active development, you’ll need to continue paying the yearly subscription fee. If you choose to go it alone with a local copy of the theme, there will be instructions on “ejecting” the theme to a locally-named version and on how to use local copies of the JavaScript code (from the npm package).

Can I create my own themes from Transmission for open-source or for sale?

No, you can’t use the Transmission theme to create a new theme and sell it nor to open-source parts of it.

This is a pre-order. When do you plan to release the theme?

If you purchase the customization services, an early version is available on day one of the paid engagement. Otherwise, the theme is almost done, and will be out very soon. You can get pretty far in your app’s development using the standard Bullet Train theme and Transmission will still take over the look upon installation.

How much do I have to change my Bullet Train app to make the Transmission theme work?

You install a private gem and a private npm package from a URL after purchase. If you’ve been using primary and darkPrimary Tailwind colors in new .erb partials, those might need to be tweaked for the new Transmission color variable names.

Can I modify the source code of the Transmission theme?

Yes, you can “eject” a file from the Transmission theme and use a custom local copy of that file, which will override the one from the Transmission theme. Just be on the lookout for future versions of the theme gem to see if that file was changed, and simply apply the same modifications down the line manually.

Do you have documentation for this theme?

Not yet. It’s coming with the official release. It’s a bit why I’m selling customization services ahead of the release, so I can learn from the onboarding experience.

Do I have to choose a color combination before I purchase or will all combinations be available with the theme?

All color combinations will be available to you after purchase. You can also use this theme on multiple projects.

Can my users pick their own color combination?

I don’t plan to offer a UI for users of your app to choose their own color combination. But all the parameters for the colors and the look are made available to overwrite in application_controller.rb, which has access to current_user, so you can add custom code to read from, say, the user’s current team membership.

How does dark mode work? Browser detection or a user toggle?

For now it’s by browser detection. You can add a user setting to make this work, but it’s not built into Bullet Train yet. See PR

Are all the color combinations loaded via a large style sheet, adding to the load time?

No, Transmission is lighter than the Light theme on CSS, that’s because each color combination (separately for light and dark themes) is in its own style sheet, made available as CSS Custom Properties for Tailwind CSS to use, and only the right style sheet is fetched on load. This combination slims down the amount of CSS sent to the browser.

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