# a theme for Bullet Train

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When Bullet Train’s default theme took you this far…

You’re already sold on building your Ruby on Rails app on Bullet Train, the starter kit by Andrew Culver. You love the fact that so many decisions are made for you, from authentication and authorization to some smart default User and Team models, to testing and webhooks and out-of-the-box API endpoints.

You're ready for a unique look. You’re ready to get deeper into the theme layer, and you’ve looked at ejecting some partials and changing things around.

But is there another theme I can buy to save me some time?

Tailwind, Unapologetically .erb, Multi-content_for partials…

Those choices are the perfect combination for your app, and you’re on board. Server-side rendering FTW. Hotwire. Stimulus-powered fields. esbuild. The super-easy reactivity using CableReady::Updatable.
That's good enough for you.

Choosing colors, a color system, maybe with some custom Tailwind palettes. That’s too much work for now.

Surely someone must have made an alternate theme with a different look that I can buy right now.

Introducing Transmission.
It works with your modifications.

Transmission, the theme for Bullet Train, works the same way as the default theme, even if you modified some of Bullet Train’s own partials.

  • Transmission builds on the light default theme and uses the gem-based multi-layer theme system of Bullet Train.
transmission_theme # builds on top of…
  • Transmission only modifies a few files: account.html.erb (maybe you’ll need a diff for this one), some of the field partials, and few other ones.
  • Transmission works with super-scaffolding, including using your local modifications.
$ bin/super-scaffold crud Campaign Team name:text_field show_in_stats:boolean
  • Transmission lets you eject individual partials, or eject and modify the whole theme too.
  • Transmission comes with all colors and permutations, so you can build your own user-level customizations. All the knobs and dials go in application_helper, and so you can read directly from current_user and serve up a different color for the light scheme, a different one for the dark scheme, disable wide fonts or the broad_border.

You and your devs are going to love it.

See pricing

Built for Supercharts too

Supercharts, the plugin for scaffolding a whole chart with a single command, has its partials baked into Transmission, working directly with all of its color combinations.

$ bin/super-scaffold supercharts:chart ClickThrough Team

Questions and Answers

Who is selling this theme? How is the theme made available to my app? Can I modify the source code?

See Q&A on the pricing page